St. Cloud 192 Pet Hospital
Please call 321-805-4800 for an appointment.
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Service Price
Office Visit $40
1 yr Rabies Vaccine $5 (no office fee)
3 yr Rabies Vaccine $12 (no office fee)
Puppy & Kitten Health Cert $10 with exam
Puppy Vaccines, Deworm & First Exam $40
Kitten Vaccines, Deworm & First Exam $40
Annual Dog Vaccines $31
Annual Dog Vaccines w/o KC $22
Annual Cat Vaccines $31
Annual Cat Vaccines w/o FELV $18
Digital X-Ray One $85
Digital X-Ray Two $145
Pre-Anesthetic blood tests under 5 Yrs (recommended) $85
Pre-Anesthetic blood tests 5 yrs & over (required) $145
X-Ray Barium Series $300
Rigid and flexible endoscopy Price TBD
Ultrasounds via a visiting board certified Internist Price TBD
Electrocardiogram (EKG) $50
Heartworm Test $35
Heartworm Test & Vaccine pkg. $55
Heartworm Test & Vaccine pkg. w/o KC $49
Heartworm Treatment $350 to $550
Dog Neuter $50 minimum
Dog Spay $150 minimum
Cat Neuter $30-$50
Cat Spay $60
Declaw $50 minimum
Ear Crop $125 minimum
Microchip $25 (no annual fee)
Rabbit Neuter $45
Rabbit Spay $75
Laser Surgery Price TBD
Dental Cleaning $100-$300 minimum
Dental Anesth. $35-$50 minimum
Prices subject to change without notice
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St. Cloud 192 Pet Hospital

1700 13th (Hwy 192)
St. Cloud, FL 34769
Dr. Adkins (Owner)

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Larry Adkins, DVM, has been practicing veterinary medicine for over 51 years. His skill and efficiency as a veterinarian allow him to provide excellent pet care at a low price. He has developed over thirty one animal hospitals / veterinary clinics during his veterinary career.